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Welcome! Integra Engineering & Science Services, PLLC ("Integra ESS") is a licensed consulting firm located in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Its owner Julie Coco, is a Professional Engineer with over 15 years of experience in water-related services. Her broad exposure to engineering, related sciences, permitting and business over the years has laid a firm foundation for the success of the company.

Integra ESS provides specialty consulting services in the field of stormwater management. As your consultant, we can advise you in stormwater issues related to land development, both during AND after construction. We can assist you in obtaining permits through application and plan development. In addition, we often assist with inspections of Stormwater Control Measures (SCMs, or formerly known as BMPs) both during and after construction, where continued monitoring and maintenance is often necessary. Check out the Services page for a list of services this company provides. The owner has experience working with government agencies, municipalities, contractors, and other consulting firms. Please visit our Clients & Projects page to learn more about our clients and types of projects.

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The owner of Integra ESS has worked in both the public and private sectors, as both an engineer and an inspector, linking design with construction, and bringing an understanding to this company of the expectations from all potential clients. Her broad exposure to the field of water resources in these various roles has led to familiarity with government regulations and relationships with several developers and builders throughout the region.




To ensure the integrity of work that can be performed for you, the owner brings to the company the following certifications:

droplet_bullet Nationally Certified Professional in Erosion & Sediment Control (#7956)

droplet_bullet NC Certified Stormwater SCM/BMP Plan Reviewer (#1404)

droplet_bullet NC Stormwater SCM/BMP Inspection & Maintenance Professional (#1934)


Integra's approach to solving your stormwater problems involves first meeting with the you, the client, to discuss the problem or scope of work, and to understand your needs. Timelines and deliverables are discussed openly with the client, as well as expectations for quality of service and costs. Responsiveness and open communication are key to performance in executing the agreed upon contract, and closure is obtained once all parties are satisfied with the results. The mission is to provide efficient, quality services to you, the client, through integrity & trust - that's the Integra way.


Mission and Philosophy

To provide consultation services to the public and private sectors as well as to individuals needing assistance in the areas of stormwater management, while acting as a responsible steward to our valuable water resources. This dual mission is balanced through integrity, efficiency, quality assurance, and trust. The owner believes in providing only those services which are within the company's area of expertise. It is this philosophy that ensures the client is provided the most quality-oriented and cost-effective service possible. Mutual trust is believed to be gained through fairness in dealing with the client by discussing expectations and realistic costs upfront.


Latest News

2.7.17 -
The EPA published the 2017 Construction General Permit (CGP) which became effective February 16, 2017, and replaces the 2012 version. The five-year permit includes all stormwater discharges at construction sites over an acre in size.  In summary, the changes to this permit apply to SWPPP documentation and construction site practices, including stricter discharge limitations from polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), further limiting of construction and domestic wastes from sites exposed to precipitation and stormwater, and further modification of the standard deadline to complete site stabilization, among other practices.  An overview of the NPDES program, including the permit and FAQs can be found at EPA’s NPDES website: https://www.epa.gov/npdes/stormwater-discharges-construction-activities

1.3.17 - Integra's owner, Ms. Julie Coco, was elected to serve as a President-Elect on the NCWRA Board of Directors. She is excited, and continues to bring enhanced communication and outreach to her fellow water resources professionals as well as student members throughout 2017.

8.1.16 -
The North Carolina General Permit for Construction Activities (NCG010000) allowing property owners and construction site operators to discharge stormwater under the NPDES has been reissued. It is effective from August 1, 2016 through July 31, 2018. The permit was reissued with no changes from the previous permit. Visit the NC DEQ site for more information.

Tip of the Month

Tree protection fencing is intended to protect specimen trees or indicate (wooded) limits of disturbance during construction.  Certain trees add value to the landscape.  Fencing should be placed to keep equipment out of the drip line of specimen trees.  For tree protection fencing placed along the perimeter of a wooded area, the rule of thumb is to place the fencing 1 foot away for every 1 inch of caliper of the largest tree you are trying to protect. 


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