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Integra Engineering & Science Services, PLLC

Integra Engineering & Science Services, PLLC ("Integra ESS") was founded in 2012 by a civil engineer with 15 years of experience in water resources. The owner, Julie Coco, PE, CPESC, started her career as a Hydraulics Design Engineer, progressed to Project Manager and now Business Owner, performing drainage, erosion control and SCM (BMP) designs, modeling for bridge hydraulics and scour estimates, and reviewing consultant plans and shop drawings for adherence to state and federal specifications. culvertw/baffles

She also spent time designing structural details for non-standard catch basins, manholes and reinforced concrete box culverts (RCBCs), conducting inspections of hydraulic structures to include both installations and manufacturing, working with other engineers to troubleshoot flooding and erosion problems in the field, and coordinating in-house and subcontractor personnel.


Ms. Coco's interest in erosion & sediment control began when the agency she worked for became regulated as a small MS4. She studied EPA policies and immersed herself in NPDES regulations, studied other states' programs, and served on the committee responsible for initiating their MS4 program. In addition, she worked to achieve statewide compliance through construction specification writing, special detail editing, and through developing erosion & sediment control design guidelines for plan preparation.


Rock Sediment Dam, Type B on an NCDOT project (Left) and riser basin (wet pond) together with upper level forebay being used as a sediment basin on a land development project (Right)

From there, her interests expanded into post-construction Stormwater Control Measures (formerly known as Best Management Practices) where she has either designed, inspected, or maintained measures such as detention ponds, sand filters, bioretention basins, level spreaders, and others.


Bioretention basin on commercial property after annual maintenance conducted (Left);
Level spreader behind retaining wall in a developing subdivision (Right)


Past performance can be indicative of future performance. The following service award illustrates the dedication and character the owner contributes to the company's mission.

Best Team of the Effort Quarter - Value Engineering Study, 2004 for innovative, alternative designs to highway drainage involving roadway widening of a US highway from two to four and five lanes. This 10-member team effort led to a cost savings of $12.5 million on an anticipated $40 million project.



Mission and Philosophy

To provide consultation services to the public and private sectors as well as to individuals needing assistance in the areas of stormwater management, while acting as a responsible steward to our valuable water resources. This dual mission is balanced through integrity, efficiency, quality assurance, and trust. The owner believes in providing only those services which are within the company's area of expertise. It is this philosophy that ensures the client is provided the most quality-oriented and cost-effective service possible. Mutual trust is believed to be gained through fairness in dealing with the client by discussing expectations and realistic costs upfront.

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