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About the Owner

Coco-portraitJulie Coco, PE, CPESC has not only volunteered for activities related to her career interests, but she has also contributed to a number of service-oriented organizations over the years that she feels provide an opportunity to give back to her community. Ms. Coco worked as a volunteer for the American Red Cross for five years. Among her most notable contributions were during the time of Hurricanes Katrina & Rita, where she served meals to emergency workers repairing the levees of Metairie, LA (greater New Orleans, north shore). In "peacetime" operations, she worked as the Fleet Manager, ensuring emergency vehicles were inspected and ready to deploy upon first notice. She appeared on a newscast featuring the local area chapter preparedness efforts. For her efforts, Julie Coco was awarded Volunteer of the Month, and two years later, Volunteer of the Year for her oustanding service to the Chapter.

The owner is an avid outdoors woman who takes advantage of her local water resources, when she is not working to protect them. Ms. Coco has kayaked the Neuse River, sailed on Lake Wheeler, and hiked many trails around Harris Lake, Jordan Lake, and Lake Johnson.

Julie Coco has also served her local community through participation in the Family Promise of Wake County (formerly known as WIHN), through volunteering in the church community garden, through Habitat for Humanity in helping others achieve their dreams of owning a home, and by walking in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure - all of which support unique & worthy causes.

shoreline cleanup

Habitat truck


Because of her appreciation for soils, the owner doesn't mind getting her hands dirty on occasion. So, when she encounters her own drainage problems, she uses a little construction know-how and coordination skills to solve them.




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